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Clinical Faculty

Ralph A. Brasacchio

Ralph A. Brasacchio, MD

Associate Professor

Kevin Bylund

Kevin Bylund, MD

Assistant Professor

Yuhchyau Chen, MD, PhD

Yuhchyau Chen, MD, PhD

Richard T. Bell Professor & Chair

Louis S. Constine

Louis S. Constine, MD

Professor & Vice-Chair

Michael Cummings

Michael Cummings, MD

Assistant Professor

Sughosh Dhakal

Sughosh Dhakal, MD

Assistant Professor

Jan Dombrowski

Jan Dombrowski, MD

Assc. Professor & Medical Director

Sara J. Hardy

Sara J. Hardy, MD

Assistant Professor, Departments of Radiation Oncology and Neurology

Alan W. Katz

Alan W. Katz, MD, MPH

Assc. Professor & Director of Health

Marilyn N. Ling

Marilyn N. Ling, MD

Associate Professor

Bingren (Ben) Liu

Bingren (Ben) Liu, MD

Assistant Professor

Michael T. Milano

Michael T. Milano, MD, PhD

Professor & Residency Program Director

Kevin Mudd

Kevin Mudd, MD

Associate Professor

Carl Qui

Haoming (Carl) Qiu, MD

Assistant Professor

Deepinder Singh

Deepinder Singh, MD

Assistant Professor & Medical Director

Kenneth Usuki

Kenneth Usuki, MD

Assistant Professor

Hong Zhang

Hong Zhang, MD, PhD

Assoc Professor/Chief-Radiation Oncology