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Frequently Asked Questions

ScissorsWhat is your application deadline?

November 1 for the Vascular Surgery Residency Match.

What are your criteria for submitting an application?

We are registered with the National Rank Match Program (NRMP).  All applicants must be registered in the Electronic Residency Application Service (ERAS®) and the NRMP to apply to our program.  For more information, please visit: and

  • All ERAS materials
  • Medical school transcript
  • Medical Student Performance Evaluation (MSPE)
  • USMLE Part 1 score (Step 2 required before start of residency program)
  • Personal statement
  • Three letters of recommendation

How many categorical spots do you offer?

Our Vascular Surgery Integrated Residency training program is approved by the ACGME to match two residents every other year. Each year, we alternate between matching one applicant and matching two applicants.

What is your accreditation status?

Our program has continued full accreditation status.

What are your minimum USMLE scores?

We do not have minimum USMLE score requirements.  However, passage on the first attempt is required.

Do you require prior U.S. clinical experience?

We do not require prior U.S. clinical experience.  However, we do not review applications of candidates who have been out of medical school more than 5 years.

What is a typical interview day like?

The interview days are carefully planned to ensure that you learn as much as possible about our program. We also want to have sufficient time to get to know you. We start at 8:00 a.m. and the day typically runs until 1:30 p.m.

  • Meeting with Program Director
  • Interview with vascular surgical faculty
  • Interview with our chief resident(s)
  • Lunch with faculty and residents
  • A tour of the hospital led by current residents

Do you accept applications from international medical graduates?

All applications are considered on an individual basis, but must comply with the New York State 12 Week Rule for Eligibility The following international medical schools have gone through a pre-approval process and their students may perform any amount of training outside their country (i.e. these schools are the exception to the 12-week rule):

What visa do you sponsor?

The University of Rochester sponsors only the J1 visa, see the eligibility requirements.