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Resident Perspectives

Mark Balceniuk, MDI transferred into the program following 3 clinical years in the general surgery program and I couldn't be happier with my choice. The training in vascular surgery at this program is unparalleled and by the end of the residency we are expert open and endovascular surgeons. Not only is the training excellent, but the people in the program are what really make this residency special. The attendings are fantastic. They are great surgeons technically, and really make it a point to teach residents about the how and why of what we are doing.

The biggest difference between my experience in general surgery and now in vascular surgery is the closeness and camaraderie amongst the residents. We really support one another and are able to use this bond to help us make the most of this demanding specialty.

-Mark Balceniuk, MD

Kash Desai, MDThe University of Rochester offers absolutely exceptional training in the field of vascular surgery and graduates surgeons who are leaders in their practice. With a wide diversity of patients, large catchment area, and variety in operative settings – from independent-based practice at Highland Hospital and FF Thompson Hospital to a central, tertiary care center at Strong Memorial Hospital – we are exposed to the breadth of how vascular surgery is practiced. The curriculum has been carefully designed to build a strong foundation in both open and endovascular technique, as well as critical management of outpatient population.

This is considerably advanced through a strong emphasis in transplant, cardiac, and ICU rotations within the first few years of integrated training. Trainees are challenged to plan complex cases, advance practice, and operate at an independent level at the culmination of residency. With vascular surgery being such a rapidly-developing field from a technological standpoint, I have come to appreciate how our faculty focus on adapting one’s practice, fundamental physiological understanding, and instilling good moral value in approaching patient care.

As a vascular surgery applicant, you will join a family of supportive, caring, and dedicated residents should you choose to train here! Rochester, and Upstate New York in general, is an incredibly beautiful, diverse, and accessible place that we hope you will soon call home!

-Kash Desai, MD

PappasThe URMC vascular surgery program teaches us to be flexible, persistent, innovative, and most importantly, our patient's best advocate. We are a truly busy clinical service. Our volume is the result of the dependability and follow-through instilled into us by our vascular faculty. Whether it is an intraoperative consult during a difficult exposure, an acute symptomatic aortic dissection, or an unstable trauma patient, our vascular service efficiently takes care of it all. I am grateful to be trained in a program that has perfectly paired commitment to patient care with excellent clinical outcomes.
-Georgina Pappas, MD