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Advanced Certificate in Clinical Research Methods

The advanced certificate in clinical research methods is designed to give individuals the knowledge and tools needed to conduct clinical research.

Program Objective

To provide researchers and other interested individuals with a practical understanding of quantitative research methods including survey  development, case control studies, cohort studies, randomized controlled trials, pragmatic trials, and quasi experimental methods, as well as qualitative research methods including ethnographic interviewing, participant observation, focus groups, and community-based participatory research.

Required Courses Course Name When Offered
PM 415 Principles of Epidemiology Fall
PM 458 Qualitative Health Care Research Spring
PM 412 Survey Research Fall

One of the following:

Course ID Course Name When Offered
PM 426 Social and behavioral medicine Spring
PM 472 Measurement & evaluation of research instruments Spring
PM 401 Quantitative Methods Fall, Summer
PM 461 Program Evaluation for Public Health Summer
PM 410 Introduction to Data Management & Analysis Fall, Summer

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Current Students

Victoria Chalker
Victoria Chalker