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Lillian Moncman, M.S. (Dunman)
Sensory Technician Temp at Baldwin Richardson Foods

Alesa Philbrick, M.S. (Dunman)
Medical Assistant Program at Concorde Career College-Aurora

Tyler Scherzi (Dunman)
Graduate Student in the Microbiology and Immunology Ph.D. Program at University of Rochester


Marina Koroleva, M.S. (Sant)
Research Technologist at Roswell Park Comprehensive Cancer Center

James Miller, M.S. (Gill)
Tech Associate (Peds Allergy/Immunology) at University of Rochester

Sandra Ortega, M.S. (Dewhurst)


Andrew Martin, M.S. (Yarovinsky)
Graduate Student in the Microbiology and Immunology Ph.D. Program at University of Rochester


Liz Albertorio-Saez, M.S. (Morrell)
Laboratory Technician at North Carolina State University Plants for Human Health Institute

Frances Baxter (Batarse), M.S. (Sanz)
Project Manager at BioTel Research (Cardiocore & VirtualScopics)


Colleen O'Dell, M.S. (Dewhurst)
Tech Associate (Environmental Medicine) at University of Rochester


Kun-Hyoe (Jules) Park (Rhoo), Ph.D., M.S. (Dewhurst)
Ph.D. from University of Rochester (Robert)
Postdoc at the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Disease

Jason Sifkarovski, M.S. (Robert)
Veterinary Student at Cornell University

Andrew Underwood, M.S. (Takimoto)
Microbiologist at Canada Dry Mott's Inc.

Kristen Zastera (Frantzen), M.S. (Dewhurst)
Executive Assistant to CEO at Monarque Health and Wellness


Kimberly Morse, M.S. (Phipps)


Irina Bromberg, M.S. (Fowell)

Gabrielle Crandall, M.S. (Lawrence)
Laboratory Specialist and Administrative Supervisor for Gosnell School of Life Sciences Student Employees at Rochester Institute of Technology

Vanayak Dendukuri, M.S. (Kim)
Chief Executive Officer at Novick Biosciences in Chemistry and Formulations

Jessica Halliley, M.S. (Sant)
Technical Specialist and Biotechnology Program Outreach Coordinator at Finger Lakes Community College

Elaine Hart, M.S. (Butler)

Vaughn James, M.S. (Sant)
Graduate Student in Science and Health Communication Ph.D. Program at University of Florida

Nicholas Tefft, M.S. (Iglewski)

Saintedym Wills, Ph.D., M.S. (Takimoto)
Ph.D. from Duke University
Associate Technical Director at LabCorp


Kimberly Larson, M.S. (Li)
Scientist at Boehringer Ingelheim

Matthew MacGilvray, Ph.D., M.S. (Quivey)
Ph.D. from Wisconsin-Madison
Lead Scientific Reviewer at FDA


Jason Emo, M.S. (Haidaris)
​Senior Technical Lead and Lab Manager (Medicine Nephrology) at University of Rochester

Zhuo-Qian (Judy) Zhang, M.S. (Wright)
Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine (D.O.) Candidate