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Program of Study Sheet

Required courses

Course Number


IND 501

Ethics and  Professional Integrity in Research (or another 1 credit course)

PM 401

Quantitative Methods

PM 410

Intro to Data Management & Analysis

PM 415

Principles of Epidemiology

PM 421

US Health Care System: Financing, Delivery & Performance

PM 426

Social & Behavioral Medicine

PM 445

Intro to Health Services Res.

PM 450

Community Health Applied Practice Experience

PM 455

Foundations in Public Health Sciences

PM 458

Qualitative Health Research

PM 460

Masters Essay (to include new research methods course)

PM 461

Program Evaluation

PM 493 or PM 487

Fundamentals of Science, Technology and Health Policy


Electives can be tailored toward individual’s research focus and are identified accordingly.



PM 412

Survey Research

PM 413

Field Epidemiology

PM 414

History of Epidemiology

PM 416 

Epidemiologic Methods

PM 417

Molecular Epidemiology

PM 418

Cardiovascular Epidemiology

PM 419

Recruitment & Retention of Human Subject

PM 422

Qual. of Care & Risk Adjustment

PM 424

Chronic Disease-Epi

PM 425

Health Promo. & Preventive Med

PM 430

Psychology in Health Svcs Res

PM 438


PM 442

Nutritional Epidemiology

PM 443

Maternal & Child Health

PM 451

Infectious Disease Epidemiology

PM 466

Cancer Epidemiology

PM 469

Multivariate Models for Epi

PM 470

Environmental & Occ Med

PM 472

Measurement & Evaluation of Research Instruments

PM 484

Medical Decision Making & Cost Effectiveness Research

PM 486

Medical Ecology

PM 488

Experimental Therapeutics

PM 489

Injury Epi & Emergency Care Research Methods