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Care Network

The CARE Network enables members of the University community to express their concern about a person, incident, or issue by submitting one of the following reports online:

  • CARE Referral
  • Bias-Related Incident Report
  • Community Concern Report

Make a referral or submit a report initiates a review process and/or coordinated response involving the appropriate individuals, staff, and offices. 

To Learn More See The CARE Network Website

Access Services & Supports

The Office for Graduate Education and Postdoctoral Affairs offers a variety of access services for School of Medicine and Dentistry (SMD) preparatory program trainees (includes Bridges, Summer Scholars, PREP, and unpaid interns/shadows); matriculated, non-matriculated, and visiting graduate students; and postdoctoral appointees (“trainees” collectively). These services aim to provide an inclusive experience and equal access to training program requirements. Activities may include: classes, lab and other research activities, meetings related to the training program, University-sponsored professional development, social, and networking activities, and approved conferences/events related to the training program. Our approach relies on collaboration among trainees, the SMD access coordinator, and instructors/other faculty members.

To Learn More See The Access Services & Supports Website

Ombudspersons Program

While graduate, postdoctoral, and pre-graduate study are exciting and intellectually stimulating times in a trainee’s career, occasionally problems arise. There are many people to whom trainees can turn for advice when facing problems: faculty advisor(s), committee members, graduate program director, department chair, Senior Associate Dean for Graduate Education and Postdoctoral Affairs. However, sometimes trainees may feel unable to approach any of these people for help, and this is when a trainee should turn to the Ombudsperson.

To Learn More See The Ombudspersons Program Website

Sexual Misconduct and Title IX

The University of Rochester is committed to creating a safe and supportive environment where all members of our community are treated with dignity and respect.

Here you will find information and resources available on campus and beyond to anyone who has experienced sex or gender discrimination, including sexual misconduct, sexual harassment, sexual assault, stalking, and intimate partner violence.

To Learn More See The Sexual Misconduct and Title IX Website