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Registration Now Open!

MSRS Student Presentation Policy:  All current MSTP students are required to register for and attend MSRS. Abstract submission for consideration of student talks is highly encouraged, although not required. Poster submission is also encouraged (see registration form). This policy has been implemented specifically for the 2021 MSRS and is subject to change in future years.

Guidelines for abstract submission (due March 26, 2021):

Your Name (First and Last)
Name of training program(s) in which this research was conducted (see instructions below)
Department(s) in which research was conducted (e.g., Department of Neurology)
Author List (e.g. Jonathan D. Cherry, John A. Olschowka, and M. Kerry O’Banion)
Abstract – limit to 350 words

Training program instructions:

MD/PhD students: list Medical Scientist Training Program AND granting program
MD non-PhD students: list School of Medicine and Dentistry AND name of year-out or summer program (if applicable)
Residents, fellows, and graduate students: list the name of respective program(s)
Postdoctoral fellows: Omit this line