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Selection Process


Participating students will be nominated by their universities in China. Relevant information (including transcripts, letters of recommendation and statements of research interest) will be provided to the Senior Associate Dean for Graduate Education and Postdoctoral Affairs (SAD-GEPA) at the UR School of Medicine & Dentistry (SMD).  The SAD-GEPA will coordinate the program with the Dean of Research at the UR College of Arts, Sciences and Engineering, and establish contact between the student and potential mentors at the UR.

Student/mentor dyads will be established by mutual consent, and the SAD-GEPA will then provide a support letter for the student to apply for financial support from the Chinese Ministry of Education and/or their home institution in China. Final decision regarding admission will be made by the UR. 

A requirement for participation in the program will be demonstrated English language proficiency (both verbal and written); it is expected that a telephone interview will be conducted as part of the selection process.