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Request for Replacement Diploma

Request for Replacement Diploma


Each graduate is given only one original diploma and one 8.5 x 11 copy of their diploma.

Replacing Diplomas:

A request for a replacement diploma will only be approved under the following circumstances:

  • Legal and/or court-ordered change in name
  • Original diploma damaged, lost or stolen

There is a $100.00 fee and a separate application for replacement diplomas (see website The alumnus must complete, have notarized and submit the URSMD application for a replacement diploma. As a part of the application process the alumnus must include a copy of a government issued identity document (see the note below regarding acceptable documents) that includes his/her signature and a dated color passport photo that has been taken within 30 days of the request.

Replacement Diploma Because of a Name Change:

If the individual is requesting a replacement diploma because of a name change, the school will require evidence such as a notarized copy of a marriage certificate or court order.

Damaged, Lost or Stolen Replacement Diploma Requests:

If the original diploma has been damaged, it must be returned. If a diploma has been lost, a signed attestation is required that the diploma was lost. If a diploma has been stolen a signed attestation and documentation regarding the lost diploma (such as an insurance claim or police report) must be submitted.

NOTE: There is a six (6) to eight (8) week processing time for replacement diplomas.

Acceptable Documents To Establish/Verify Identity:

State-issued driver's license (or State Identification Card) with a photograph, or information that includes name, sex, height, weight, color of eyes, and date of birth;

  • United States Military Card;
  • United States Passport;
  • Certificate of United States Citizenship;
  • Certificate of Naturalization; or
  • Alien Registration Card issued by United States Immigration to verify Permanent Residency.

NOTE: With the exception of a name change via a legal process, the spelling of names and dates on documents used for verification of identity must be the same as the legal name, date of birth, social security, etc. in the URSMD official records.