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As a regional resource serving nine counties in the Finger Lakes area, FLOHS at the University of Rochester Department of Environmental Medicine has been designated a center of excellence of the New York State (NYS) Department of Health (DOH) Occupational Health Clinic Network since 1988. Its mission is to prevent, diagnose and treat work related injuries and illnesses by utilizing a public health approach, and to provide high quality occupational medicine services.  At FLOHS, a multidisciplinary team of professionals works with businesses and workers to prevent injuries and illnesses by providing preventive programs, medical screenings, and educational services regarding worker health and safety while on the job.  Many of these services are targeted to underserved and low-income worker populations. Physicians and Nurse Practitioners with expertise in employee health, as well as general and pulmonary occupational medicine provide clinical services under New York State Workers Compensation.

Preventive services are a central objective of FLOHS and serve to connect the clinic with the healthcare community, future patients and clients.  The provision of these services is facilitated by working with community groups, health care organizations, labor unions, county health departments, and business and employee associations.

Exposure to heavy metals is an important occupational health hazard in the nine-county area that FLOHS serves.  Lead poisoning among adults, including construction workers, bridge repair workers, and those in metals reclaiming and the crafts industries, is the heavy metal toxicity most frequently reported to the NYS Heavy Metals Registry.  Preventive efforts continue to be needed and FLOHS is the leading resource to those industries and occupations identified in the registry.