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Support Orthopaedics

Your philanthropy will help provide our community with best-in-class orthopaedic treatment and care.

  • Research innovation funds offer support for established and emerging research programs and bring new treatments from bench to bedside.
  • Faculty funds help recruit, retain, and support outstanding researchers and physicians.
  • Our new Orthopaedics and Physical Performance Center offers many naming opportunities, beginning at $25,000. Select naming opportunities are outlined below.

For more information, please contact Dianne Moll at 585-329-5398 or


Select naming opportunities

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  Twilight Exterior

The Center for Orthopaedics and Physical Performance: $25 million

The landmark orthopaedics campus will redefine musculoskeletal care, combining an outpatient surgery center; a clinical care building; and physical therapy/athletic performance facilities, as well as research-focused space for clinical trials, bone density testing, and a motion analysis lab.
URMC AO Exterior CHAMPP Entry

Fitness Science/CHAMPP program:
$7 million

The Center for Human Athleticism and Musculoskeletal Performance and Prevention, or CHAMPP, provides innovative approaches to physical performance training and injury prevention.
URMC AO Exterior Main Entry

Clinical Care building:
$5 million

With 140 new clinic exam rooms, a significant increase over the 86 currently available, the clinical care building will support our goal to see more patients, more quickly.
URMC AO Exterior Surgery Pickup Entry

Surgery Center:
$5 million

Dedicated to orthopaedic surgeries and procedures, the ambulatory surgery center will include eight operating rooms (which can be named for $500,000 each) and short-stay recovery rooms.
URMC Central courtyard

Central courtyard:

The spacious outdoor courtyard features ample seating and sport-specific rehabilitation space.

CHAMPP gym: $750,000

The facilities for the Center for Human Athleticism and Musculoskeletal Performance and Prevention, or CHAMPP, will include a state-of-the-art gym.
URMC AO Interior Courtyard Waiting

First floor waiting area overlooking courtyard: $250,000


The design of the new Center maximizes natural light, including a first floor waiting area that overlooks the courtyard.
URMC AO Interior Clinic Waiting Reception

Waiting rooms: $175,000 each (three of four available)

Restructured, enhanced waiting areas are designed to make the patient and family experience as comfortable and efficient as possible.