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Naming Opportunities

Help Us Move Autism Care Forward

Although previously considered rare, autism spectrum disorder (ASD) is now estimated to occur in approximately one in 68 individuals. Every gift we receive advances our nationally-prominent research and interdisciplinary education, supports innovative therapeutic solutions, and helps us build a world-class autism program.

A variety of naming opportunities are available to help support our state-of-the-art autism care. These range from naming exam, consult, and waiting rooms to naming the entrance lobby and the entire three-story building that houses the William and Mildred Levine Autism Clinic.

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Capital Naming Opportunities

As of March 16, 2017
Description Minimum Gift Level Quantity Available
Building Naming $5,000,000 1
Two-Story Atrium/Waiting Area $1,000,000 1
First Floor Main Entrance Lobby $500,000 Reserved
Large Modular Conference Room $250,000 1
Meeting Room $50,000 2

William & Mildred Levine Autism Clinic

Description Minimum Gift Level Quantity Available
Autism Clinic Naming $1,000,000 Named By A Generous Donor
Entrance Lobby/Waiting Room $250,000 Named By A Generous Donor
Feeding Therapy Suite $150,000 1
Adolescent Waiting Room $150,000 Named By A Generous Donor
Family Library $150,000 1
Child Care Room $100,000 Named By A Generous Donor
Reception/Registration $100,000 1
Sensory Room $50,000 Named By A Generous Donor
Behavior Therapy Room $50,000 3
Exam Room $30,000 23 of 24
Other Spaces    
Staff Suite (quiet documentation
rooms/resident training rooms
$150,000 1
Staff Lounge/Locker Room $100,000 1
Developmental and Behavior Care
Coordination Suite
$100,000 1
EEG Testing Suite $100,000 1
Counseling Room $50,000 1
Telemedicine Room $25,000 1
Nurse Manager's Office $25,000 1
Developmental and Behavior
Leadership Office
$25,000 1

Program Support Opportunities

Description Annual Need Suggested Endowment Gift Amount
Family Navigation $60,000/year $1,000,000
The family navigator will run our family library and work with families to help them understand visit recommendations, navigate systems of care for community, educational, and medical needs, and help connect families with needed information or resources.    
Child Life $50,000/year $1,000,000
The childcare specialist will staff our childcare room. This will allow families somewhere to leave siblings during visits, and/or to leave the child with ASD while they are talking with the child's medical team.    
Care Coordination $100,000/year $2,000,000
RN and social work support will help coordinate the complex care needs of children with ASD. These supports allow us to make sure the child receives all the medical and behavioral services her or she needs, and to facilitate communication between family, educational team, community providers, and medical team.    
Start up funding for new clinical programs $100,000  
We listen to families and work to create new clinical programs when families tell us of needed services that are not available in the community. In order to start a new program, we need funding for planning, to recruit and hire new faculty, and to run the program with low reimbursement while the program gets up and going. Past examples of new programs that have relied upon generous donations include our feeding program, Behavior Interventions for Families, and the Autism Behavior Treatment Program.    
Annual Autism Conference $5,000/year $100,000
We run an annual conference for families on local ASD research and novel treatments. This allows families to know about the work being done at UR that is presented at professional conferences across the country.    
Professional Development $5,000 or more/year $100,000
In order for our team to remain national leaders in diagnosis and treatment of ASD, our team needs to be able to attend meetings and conferences to learn about new findings and treatments.    

Contact Us

To learn more about naming opportunities within the clinic or how to make a gift, please contact Scott Rasmussen at (585) 273-5932 or