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Jen Reached Her Goal Through Bariatric Surgery

I Am A Success Story

Jen Dietrich "I am a success story!" "I dreamed of this, but never really thought it could happen. "

Jen struggled with her weight for years, and finally reached her goal through gastric bypass surgery at Highland Hospital.

Jen remembers feeling trapped by obesity as a child, enduring schoolmates’ taunts about her weight. “My self-esteem suffered greatly,” Jen remembers. She sought comfort in food, which drove her to fad diets and bursts of exercise. They all failed her. “I believed I didn’t have enough willpower to attain my weight-loss goals,” Jen confides.

Then Jen attended a seminar about weightloss surgery led by William E. O’Malley, M.D., and learned she didn’t have to rely on willpower alone. She could enlist the help of an experienced partner that has helped thousands of people like her: the Bariatric Surgery Center at Highland Hospital.

Partners in Success

Jen Dietrich, Before & After Dr. O’Malley is the Director of the Bariatric Surgery Center, the only such center in the region accredited by the American College of Surgeons.

Studies show that highly experienced surgical and support teams provide patients with measurably improved outcomes. In the past 14 years, board-certified surgeons at Highland Hospital have performed thousands of gastric bypass and gastric banding procedures, more than any other center in the area.

Comprehensive Care

“Highland is the leader in this type of care for the entire region,” says Dr. O’Malley. “We take a strong multi-disciplinary approach to surgical weight loss. It’s the only way proven to deliver sustained results.” Bariatric surgery is only one part of a successful weight maintenance program, Dr. O’Malley explains. “Our success begins with patient education and counseling to ensure patients are ready to commit to a lifetime of better choices, better nutrition, and moderate exercise. In turn, we commit to supporting our patients after surgery, and for the rest of their lives.”

Most procedures performed at Highland are minimally invasive. This reduces scarring, discomfort, and the risks and longer recovery times associated with traditional open-incision surgery.

Success Story

Jen recalls reading about other women’s weight loss success stories. “I dreamed of someday telling my story,” she shares, “thinking it would never really happen.”

The Bariatric Surgery Center changed her thinking. Sixteen months after Jen’s surgery, she was invited to share her experiences with others considering weight loss surgery.

Jen offers this encouragement to anyone facing serious weight issues: “Bariatric surgery is not a quick fix, but it gives us the help we need to become success stories. And it CAN be done! Thank you to the Bariatric Surgery Center at Highland Hospital for the new me!”


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