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Pre-Surgical Screening

We'll Call You

A nurse from the Highland Surgery Center will call you approximately 1-2 weeks before your surgery date.  The nurse will ask you a number of questions about your health history, and you might be able to complete the pre-surgical screening process during the call. If a more in depth meeting is required, the nurse will schedule an appointment for you at the Highland Surgery Center. If you have questions about pre-surgical screening, feel free to contact us.

Description of The Pre-Surgical Screening Appointment

Please note: You can eat and take your medications as usual when you come to your pre-surgical appointment, unless otherwise directed by your doctor.

A nurse will review and confirm the following information with you and will record pertinent information in your medical record.

  • Name of your primary care provider
  • Name of your surgeon and date of your surgery
  • Your health history, including past surgeries
  • Names and dosage of all medications you take, including vitamins and over-the-counter medications
  • Name and phone number of your pharmacy

All appointments include a physical exam.  If necessary, you may also have X-rays, blood work and an EKG.

Pre-Surgical COVID Testing

All patients will be required to have a COVID test 3 days prior to surgery.  You will be contacted by pre-surgical screening staff to direct you to the appropriate testing site, along with your appointment time.