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Discharge Planning

Your attending physicians will work together with the nursing staff and various health specialists to plan for your discharge from the hospital and a continuation of appropriate medical care. Various members of this team will meet with you during your hospital stay and review information about your post-hospital care in detail. Before you leave, make sure you understand your treatment plan, medications and/or supplies.

Instructions For Your Driver

  • Make sure he or she knows your discharge plans.
  • Park in the main parking garage adjacent to Highland Hospital.
  • Bring in weather-appropriate clothing for the ride home.
  • Go to the inpatient unit and check with the secretary to see if discharge paperwork is complete.
  • Help pack personal belongings and flowers.
  • When you are ready to leave, come with the patient to the Main Lobby entrance. Go to the parking lot and move the car to the front circle to pick up the patient. A volunteer or staff member will transport the patient to the front circle.

Your Opinion Matters

After you're discharged, you may be mailed a patient satisfaction survey to fill out. We would appreciate you taking the time to let us know your thoughts as we constantly work to improve our care and services. You can also call, email, or write directly to:

Patient and Family Relations Manager
Highland Hospital
1000 South Avenue, Box 107
Rochester, NY 14620
Phone:  (585) 341-0677