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Radiation Oncology at Highland Hospital

Infusion Center at Highland Hospital

Progressive Radiation Therapy Services

Highland Radiation Oncology uses next-generation technology, the latest protocols, and the renowned expertise of University of Rochester Medical Center physicians to create some of the most progressive and advanced radiation therapy services in the region. Since about half of all cancer patients receive some type of radiation therapy, we play a significant role in the treatment of cancer. We are committed to providing a quality of care that combines medical expertise with emotional support during the most critical time in a patient's life.

Next-Generation Linear Accelerator

Highland Radiation Oncology offers some of the most technically advanced radiation therapy techniques in use in Upstate New York.

We recently acquired the latest generation in breakthrough radiation technology—the linear accelerator. This machine produces and delivers radiation with precision that was previously impossible—accuracy down to the millimeter. We also have the latest technology for intra-operative radiation therapy, stereotactic central nervous system implantation, and endocavitary treatment of rectal cancers.

Specialty in High Dose Rate (HDR)

Highland Radiation Oncology is one of the few services in the area to offer HDR or the High Dose Rate procedure. This advanced therapy is highly effective and more convenient for patients, particularly women with GYN cancers. It focuses a high-dosage, external beam of radiation precisely upon areas where there is a high risk for cancer to re-develop. Delivered on an outpatient basis in three 10-minute sessions, it shortens the period of treatment, requires no hospital stay, and can eliminate some of the side effects associated with traditional radiation therapy.

Expertise in Women Cancer

As one of the nation's top-ranked hospitals for women's services, Highland specializes in the diagnosis, treatment, and study of women's cancers. The Radiation Oncology Department uses advanced therapies in the treatment of breast, cervical, and other GYN cancers. We also specialize in prostate cancer and prostate implants for men.

A Better Treatment Experience

To make treatment less stressful and tedious for our patients, we have designed a new linear accelerator treatment room. Patients are greeted by soft ambient lighting in a tranquil atmosphere. A ceiling slideshow gives them something to look at during treatment.

The Strength of a Great University

Highland Radiation Oncology offers the best of both worlds—the warmth of a small-hospital atmosphere and the expertise of a world-renowned medical university. Our physicians are all faculty members of the University of Rochester Medical Center and a part of the James P. Wilmot Cancer Center. The Cancer Center's emphasis on research gives patients access to clinical trials and the latest protocols. As a part of the James P. Wilmot Cancer Center, our doctors confer with other university physicians on "tumor boards" so patients receive expertise from the top minds in oncology.