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Kathleen finds the healthier version of herself

Kathleen After

Kathleen after surgery

Kathleen Before Surgery

Kathleen before surgery

Kathleen was only in her 20’s and headed down a path of major health issues, including being diagnosed with lupus in 2012.  After becoming an aunt, she knew it was time for a change if she wanted to see her nieces grow up.

It was then she decided to take a big step and have bariatric surgery. She had no idea how much better she would feel. “I don't think I properly understood how bad I felt before, until after I had surgery. Also - this is not an easy road. Do not choose the surgical path expecting it to be the easy way out - because it's far from easy.”

Bariatric surgery can feel very overwhelming at times but you are not alone. Highland Hospital’s comprehensive Bariatric Program will guide you in making the best decisions for you and your health. You can take your time, ask questions, be informed on your options, potential outcomes and get the support that you need.

“I feel incredible, like anything is possible. I've always enjoyed being active, but was never able to be as active as I'd like. Now I'm going on longer walks, planning hiking and biking trips, traveling without being self-conscious about airplane seats or distances I'd need to walk, and most importantly - chasing after my nieces without needing to just sit and watch. “

After bariatric surgery, Kathleen's lupus went into remission. “This was a massive weight off my shoulders - in addition to the actual weight that has been taken off as well.”

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