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The Jump Start Leslie Needed to Succeed

Leslie After

Leslie after surgery

Leslie Before Surgery

Leslie before surgery

Leslie had spent thousands of dollars and most of her adult life trying every possible diet. Sometimes they worked, but she was never able to keep the weight off. By the time she was 40, she had high blood pressure, was pre-diabetic, and suffered from sleep apnea, back and neck pain. Her doctor told her if she didn’t make changes soon she would not be able to reverse the effects of living so long with obesity. It was then that she decided to look into bariatric surgery.

The Victor, New York resident did her research, read everything she could find about the surgery, and talked to patients of the Highland Hospital Bariatric Surgery Center and their family members. Then she attended a seminar and was convinced it was the right choice for her. At the seminar she met Joseph A. Johnson, M.D. and felt an instant connection with him. “I really felt he understood what I was going through and I had immediate trust in him as a surgeon,” she said. “Later, during our initial consultation I was impressed that he was honest with me about the challenges and risks of surgery but confident that he could help me.”

“No matter how successful I was in school, in my career, or in my personal life I always felt like a failure because I was the heavy person.” Leslie 

She also learned that bariatric surgery isn’t a “magic pill.” It only works when combined with eating right and exercising, but it did give her the jump start she needed to succeed. With her determination and the support of her husband, the Marketing executive and mother of two young daughters had gastric bypass surgery, lost 125 pounds in under a year and has kept it off. “Everyone at Highland was so kind to me,” said Leslie. “Dr. Johnson is fantastic and the nurses who took care of me were amazing.”

Today Leslie is in the best health of her life. “The surgery made a dramatic impact on my health, and an even more dramatic impact on my well-being and how I feel about myself and life in general,” she says. “Today I have more confidence and I am much more comfortable in social situations. Having bariatric surgery changed my life in so many ways.”


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