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Michael takes his life back

Michael After

Michael after surgery

Michael Before Surgery

Michael before surgery

When reaching 332 lbs., and receiving a number of concerning lab results, Michael became afraid for his health. It was a challenge to do even small, routine tasks. His excessive weight, along with the development of sleep apnea, made it too tough for him to do even minimal physical exercise. He had tried many different weight loss programs, but never with any long term success.  This is when Michael decided to learn about bariatric surgery, thinking “I was concerned that my weight had escalated to a point that I could not otherwise achieve a healthy lifestyle without it. I no longer recognized the person in the mirror.”  It was then he took that first step.

After having bariatric surgery at Highland Hospital, Michael exceeded his weight loss goals and established a new healthy lifestyle. Not only are Michael’s blood pressure and resting heart rate optimal for his height and weight, he finally likes what he sees in the mirror. BUT the thing he is most grateful for is finally having control over his health.

I feel incredible and very much in control of myself now! I feel as though maintaining my weight is now just a part of my life rather than being all that I think about.”

Bariatric surgery can be a stressful decision. The program requires an honest commitment of tracking food consumption, routine exercise and an ongoing dedication to a healthy lifestyle. “For those who think that surgery is taking the easy way out, it is not. You may not be able to eat or drink some of your favorite foods again, and you need to make changes to the way you eat as well. These are aspects that you need to be prepared for and willing to do in order to be successful. For me, the pros far outweighed the cons, and I have no regrets with my decision to have bariatric surgery.”

Highland Hospital’s comprehensive Bariatric Program taught Michael how to take control of his eating habits and develop the necessary behaviors to achieve his goals, long-term. “It’s not an easy process nor is it a quick fix by any means, but I have learned so many important life skills that have really transformed my life, and I cannot thank your team enough.”

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