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Addiction Services

New Focus Services

New Focus is a medical stabilization program (detox) for patients in need of alcohol detox. During the detoxification process our addiction specialists work toward referring inpatients to a licensed behavioral health treatment program.

Addiction Specialists

Highland Hospital has addiction specialists that provide services on an inpatient basis only. We have a medically managed detox program for alcohol withdrawal only, in which patients would need to meet specific medical criteria to be considered for direct admission to the hospital. Our process begins with a phone screen with one of our addiction specialist to determine if you meet the criteria for admission to the hospital. To get started contact Addiction Services at 585-341-6424 

Consulting Services

Our addiction specialists are able to meet with admitted patients who are in the hospital for other medical reasons who may also have concerns regarding their drug and/or alcohol use. They will work toward referring patients to a licensed behavioral health treatment program as appropriate. Our Specialists will:

  1. Assess with the patient their substance use history.
  2. Work with the patient to help them understand the impact of  their drug and/or alcohol use on their life.
  3. Recommend treatment in an appropriate licensed behavioral health treatment program.
  4. Facilitate a referral to an appropriate program.


For any questions as to how our addiction specialists can help you or your loved one, please contact Addiction Services at 585-341-6424




Highland Hospital Addiction Services is not a licensed behavioral health treatment program. For information regarding these programs please contact OASAS.