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URMC Audiology at Highland Hospital

URMC Audiology at Highland Hospital

Hearing loss can happen so gradually, many people don’t realize what they’re missing — or want to admit they’re missing anything at all. The diagnosis can often be complex.

One thing we know for sure: you’re not alone. More than 31 million Americans have some sort of hearing problem, making this the third most common health problem in the country. Once thought of as just a natural part of aging, over half of all Deaf or Hard of Hearing persons are under the age of 65.

Our patients can be sure they’re getting the best hearing health care possible. We are affiliated with the Audiology Department at the University of Rochester Medical Center, so you'll have access to the expertise of certified audiologists with advanced clinical and research training.

We provide patients with a thorough evaluation and the most effective treatments options available. Some of the services we offer include:

  • Hearing loss evaluation and testing for adults and children ages 5 and older.
  • Hearing loss prevention counseling.
  • Tinnitus evaluation and management strategies.
  • Determination of hearing aid candidacy.
  • Recommendations for specialized audiologic testing and rehabilitation.

The testing facility at Highland is designed for patients capable of responding to traditional test procedures. Young children or individuals with special needs can be seen at URMC Audiology at Clinton Woods.