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Special Services

Special Services

Heart failure. Stroke. Helping student athletes. Providing the latest in cardiac diagnostic and mobile technology. These four areas highlight just a portion of the excellence that is heart care at Highland.

We provide innovative cardiovascular care that addresses a full spectrum of adult cardiac needs.

Continuity of Care - Inpatient and Outpatient Services in One Location

Continuity of Care Continuity of Care is consistent care by the same providers whether you are seen in the hospital or office setting.

In the ambulatory setting, Highland Cardiology offers same day cardiologist consultation including diagnostic testing for urgent referrals and seven day open access. Our Heart Failure Clinic provides 72 hour post- hospital discharge appointments that help prevent hospital readmission and optimize the prospects of a smooth, successful transition home.

Heart Failure Center

On the inpatient side, our unique Heart Failure Center is a highly specialized and multi-disciplinary inpatient cardiac unit designed for the care of complex cardiovascular patients. At Highland we take a comprehensive, proactive approach to patient care using evidence-based practices with proven results.

TIA Stroke Syncope Clinic

Researchers believe there may be a connection between cardiology patients that experience a heart fibrillation and neurology patients with strokes or mini-strokes known as transient ischemic attacks (TIA’s).

Through our collaboration with our Neurology colleagues we are now only one of a small handful of hospitals in the country that have a designated TIA/Stroke/Syncope Clinic in which we join efforts to provide advanced diagnostic services to determine the cause of the condition and hopefully prevent it from recurring.