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TIA / Stroke / Syncope Clinic

Each year in the US approximately 800,000 patients suffer a stroke. Currently, this equates to one American having a stroke every 40 seconds.

Unfortunately, 30-40% of these strokes have no discernible cause. Current data suggests that a high percentage of these strokes of unclear causes are due to undiagnosed atrial fibrillation causing clots to be dislodged from the heart and causing the stroke.

Similarly, many patients will have unexplained loss of consciousness (“syncope”), with the most common cause of this being an abnormal heart rhythm (“arrhythmia”).

In a joint effort with the URMC Neurology team, Highland Hospital Cardiology has developed the TIA (“mini-stroke”)/Stroke/Syncope Clinic. The purpose of this multidisciplinary team is to provide comprehensive evaluation and diagnostic evaluation to determine the causes of unexplained stroke or syncope.

Patients referred to our cardiology team may be referred for an office visit evaluation and/or and echocardiogram or arrhythmia monitoring to determine the cause of their event and to determine how best to manage and treat each individual patient based upon their particular condition and findings.

Given that more than 25-30% of patients who have one stroke or syncopal spell will have a second event, the purpose of this clinical program is to provide advanced diagnostic testing and evaluation to prevent any recurrence and tailor therapy to the needs of each patient.


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