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Holter and Event Monitors | Continuous Ambulatory Telemetry

Holter VideoWhat Does This Procedure Look For/Show

Holter Monitor

 This procedure assesses evidence of arrhythmias - either the heart beating too fast or too slow.  It captures every heart beat for the entire time the device is worn which is usually 24 to 48 hours, but can be worn for up to 7 days.

Event Monitor

 This monitor allows for assessment of symptomatic arrhythmias that occur infrequently.  It is worn by the patient and requires the patient to activate the device by pushing a button on the monitor to signify they feel their characteristic symptoms.  The monitor only records and saves information when activated by the patient.

Ambulatory Cardiac Telemetry Monitoring

This monitor is worn by the patient and transmits 24/7 to a remote monitoring center while worn, and is monitored in real time. If the patient senses any palpitations, accelerated heart rate, dizziness or other concerning symptoms, they can push a button on the monitor. This alerts the monitoring center that the patient is having symptoms. The monitoring center forwards a recording of the heart rhythm to the patient's cardiologist/primary care physician.

For each patient, the monitoring center is given a list of heart rhythm disorders and other variables to watch for on the recording. If any of these occur, whether or not the patient is symptomatic, the recordings are forwarded to their cardiologist/primary care physician.

How Long Does This Procedure Take

  • Placing the monitor takes about 10 minutes, however you must leave it on for the duration of the time your doctor recommends. It cannot be removed until you are done with the recording period.

What Preparation is Required Prior To This Procedure

  • No preparation is needed for this procedure.

Who Performs/Interprets This Procedure

  • The device is placed by a cardiac nurse or technician.
  • The device is interpreted by a certified cardiologist.

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