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A Medical Home is About You

Frequently Asked Questions

House imageWhat is a Medical Home?

A “medical home” is a medical office or clinic where a team of health professionals work together to provide a new, expanded type of care to patients using modern knowledge and technology, to provide the best possible care for you in their office.

Who is Part of the Medical Home Care Team?

The medical home team includes a doctor, nurse practitioner, nurse, care manager, as well as other health care professionals like a pharmacist or social worker. These team members are health professionals who help you get healthy, stay healthy, and get the care and services that are right for you. Your family and caregivers are also part of the team and YOU are the most important member!

What Should a Good Care Team Do?

1. Learn About You

Get to know you, your family, your life situation and preferences all while treating you as a full partner in your care.

2. Communicate with You

Give you time to ask questions and make sure you understand all your options.

3. Help Support You in Caring For Yourself

Help you set goals for your care and give you information about classes, support groups and other services so you can stay healthy.


For more information, please discuss with your doctor or nurse at your next appointment.

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