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Frequently Asked Questions

Following are answers to some of the most commonly asked questions about hospitalists. Should you have any additional questions regarding our Hospitalist Program at Highland Hospital, please contact us at (585) 341-8130.

Q. Why is a Hospitalist Caring for me Instead of my Regular Doctor?

A. The skills required for office practice and hospital practice have less and less overlap. By focusing on the skills needed for hospital care, our Hospitalist Physicians provide excellent, up-to-date medical treatment that primary care physicians and specialists want their patients to receive in the hospital. Being cared for by hospitalists also allows primary care physicians to focus their full attention on providing the very best care for their patients in the office setting. Your PCP has chosen to use the Hospitalist services voluntarily.

Q. Will the Hospitalist be Talking With my Regular Doctor?

A. Yes, during any hospital stay, our Hospitalist Physicians “partner” with primary care physicians or specialists, keeping them informed of any important events as needed.

Q. Can I Talk With my Regular Doctor?

A. Yes, the primary care physician-patient relationship is a powerful part of the healing process. It is understandable that our patients might wish to speak with their own doctors, especially at critical times in their treatment or evaluation plan. Your doctor can also make a social visit to the hospital to see you, if they prefer to do so.

Q. Will I See Other Physicians While in the Hospital?

A. Our Hospitalist Physicians may consult with specialists (such as cardiologists, surgeons or oncologists) to assist in your care if needed.

Q. I Don’t Have my Own Doctor. Will I be Cared for by a Hospitalist?

A. Yes, if a patient does not have a doctor and is admitted to Highland, a Hospitalist Physician will serve as the inpatient doctor and will work with the patient care team to organize the best possible care.

Q. How Can I Contact the Hospitalist Taking Care of me?

A. Hospitalist Physicians are present in the hospital from 8:30 am to 4:30 pm. If patients wish to speak with the hospitalist in charge of their care, they simply need to ask their nurse. He or she will page the hospitalist to arrange for contact in person or by phone.

Q. Will a Hospitalist Talk to my Family While I am in the Hospital?

A. With patient permission, our Hospitalist Physicians are available to consult with family members.

Q. What Happens on Weekends and Evenings?

A. To provide patients with ongoing and immediate care, a covering Hospitalist Physician, or a representative of the inpatient team, will be looking after the patients 24 hours a day.

Q. What Will Happen When I am Discharged?

A. When patients are discharged, a member of our hospitalist team will provide any medications and discharge instructions. Our hospitalists will also send a complete summary to the patient’s primary physician or specialist, who will resume responsibility for ongoing outpatient treatment.

Q. What Are the Benefits to me?

A. The Hospitalist Program at Highland Hospital ensures that high-quality care is available to patients, seven days a week, by highly trained physician specialists. Since hospitalists are based at Highland, decisions are made as quickly as situations arise. Treatments can be modified, test results are obtained faster and follow-up care is immediate. This helps prevent medical complications, reduce hospital stays and lower costs. In addition, our Hospitalist Physicians have extensive training and hospital experience in caring for severely ill or injured patients. This results in more rapid and accurate clinical decision making for better outcomes and fewer readmissions.