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Transformational Leadership

Our Nurses are Leading at All Levels

Initially introduced by leadership expert and presidential biographer James MacGregor Burns, transformational leadership can be seen when “leaders and followers help each other to advance to a higher level of morale and motivation.”

At Highland Hospital, all members of our nursing team are knowledgeable leaders whose voices are heard, input is valued and practice is supported. From the bedside level on up, our staff nurses are capable of making decisions.

Through the strength of their vision and personality, our transformational leaders are able to inspire followers to change expectations, perceptions and motivations to work toward common goals. Transformational leadership is an important component of our nursing philosophy at Highland Hospital. It leads to positive changes in those who follow – and helps ensure the outcomes that are needed for nursing advancement within our organization.

For more information about how Highland Hospital fosters a culture of nurse leaders and empowerment, please visit Shared Governance.