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Emergency Drill Update

Highland Hospital is hosting an active shooter drill on May 1 from 8 a.m. to noon. Multiple local law enforcement and emergency response agencies will be participating including the Rochester Police Department, Monroe County Sheriff’s Department, New York State Police Department, Rochester Fire Department, AMR, Pittsford Ambulance, and the Monroe County Office of Emergency Management.

The drill will simulate how the hospital and local law enforcement agencies would respond to an active shooter situation in the hospital’s new patient tower. As stated in the previous post, dozens of emergency response vehicles will be parked in the front bus loop of School 12 during the drill. Due to the high volume of cars and the lack of space on Highland’s campus, we anticipate that some emergency vehicles (including a fire truck and ambulances) will be parked on Mt. Vernon Ave. This should only be for the length of the drill and they should be gone by noon.

The Rochester Police Department will also be sending out a text alert to the neighborhood to remind everyone that a drill is taking place. Highland recognizes this could cause some inconvenience for residents. However, emergency preparedness is crucial for the long term safety and security of the hospital and the surrounding neighborhood. We appreciate your patience and support during this time.

Global Administrator | 4/26/2023

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