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Saturday Work 12/3

Crews will be onsite this Saturday from 7 a.m. to 5 p.m. installing windows and siding on various elevations, weather permitting.

During the week, crews will be working on drywall and various mechanical projects inside the building. Outside, the tower crane will be in use moving materials from the ground to various floors of the building. Window and siding installation continues on different sides of the building. Roofing continues on top of the 7th floor.

The buck hoist foundation will be demolished this week starting on Monday and should be finished by Friday. This work has the potential to produce noise and vibration. In order to minimize impact, crews will be saw cutting the foundation into small sections that can be placed into a dumpster, a different approach than previous foundation demolitions. Vibration monitoring will be in place for these activities.

In the coming weeks, crews will be working to raise the pavement area next to the new tower to be the same level as Mt. Vernon Ave. This activity is anticipated to generate some minor vibration, and more details will be sent out via this blog as we get closer to this work occurring.

Global Administrator | 12/1/2022

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