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URMC / Highland Hospital / Facilities / Blog / May 2021 / Weekend Ramp Demolition Continues

Weekend Ramp Demolition Continues

Demolition of the ramp slab continues on week days after 1 p.m. until dusk and on weekends starting at 7 a.m. until 5 p.m. Some of this demolition work may require some jack hammering of foundations if they cannot be detached by saw cutting. This work may result in increased noise from the construction site.

Micropile installation will resume on June 1 and will continue for approximately 3 weeks.

South Building roofing work has started and will last approximately 9 weeks. This work will include tear-off of the existing roof, installation of a new roof and installation of new HVAC equipment.  It will require cranes for rigging materials and equipment to the roof.  These will be staged in the Mt. Vernon cut out and will necessitate partial temporary road and sidewalk closures along Mt. Vernon. A flagger will be used during deliveries that could impact travel flow. The odor of melting tar can be expected from these activities.

Typical levels of construction noise and vibrations are expected with all of these activities. For the micropile and deep foundation work, any possible vibrations will be monitored by a third party testing agency.

Global Administrator | 5/21/2021

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