COVID-19 Information For Maternity Patients

During these unique times, we want to recognize that it is important for all patients to plan for their upcoming childbirth. Please know that that our goal is to provide the best quality care in an environment that is safe for everyone. Use the information below to help ease your minds and trust that we are here for you.

During labor and delivery, one support person and one visitor are permitted. If you choose to have a doula, this will count as either the support person or the visitor.

After delivery, one support person will be allowed to stay with you 24/7. One visitor (must be the same visitor) will be allowed to visit for up to 4 hours each day during regular visiting hours. If you chose to have a doula, you will not be allowed to choose a different visitor after delivery; the doula will be allowed back to visit if you choose.

For triage visits, before you are admitted, one support person is permitted for labor checks. For all other non-labor visits to triage, support persons are not permitted and must wait in the main hospital waiting room on the 2nd floor or outside. No visitors are allowed.

Get the latest information on Highland Hospital visitation policies here.

Pregnant patients who are admitted to the hospital will be tested upon admission.

A medical grade mask will be given to you upon arrival. All patients, support persons and visitors are required to wear a mask when staff are present in your room, regardless of vaccination status. Staff will be masked at all times, regardless of vaccination status.

Yes! We encourage you to take advantage of our virtual and online options as well as view the photo gallery to help ease your mind before you arrive.