COVID-19 Information For Maternity Patients

During these unique times, we want to recognize that it is important for all patients to plan for their upcoming childbirth. Please know that that our goal is to provide the best quality care in an environment that is safe for everyone. Use the information below to help ease your minds and trust that we are here for you.

During labor and post-delivery, only one (1) support person is allowed during your stay. Support persons may leave the room, masked, to purchase food and beverage in the cafeteria or vending machines and then return directly to the patient room. Additional visitors are not allowed at this time.

During triage, before you are admitted, no support person is permitted as other mothers may be in triage as well. Your support person can wait in the lobby or outside while you are being assessed by the obstetrics team.

Get the latest information on Highland Hospital visitation policies here.

Pregnant patients who are admitted to the hospital will be tested upon admission. All support people are screened for symptoms, with measurement of temperature taken twice daily. Those with symptoms will be asked to leave the hospital and seek care from their primary care provider.

Typically patient stay in the hospital for 2 days after vaginal birth and 3 days after Cesarean section. During this pandemic, many patients are choosing to be discharged sooner than 2-3 days after delivery. In almost all cases, newborns should be in the hospital until at least 24 hours after birth.

A mask will be given to you upon arrival, if you do not already have one. Pregnant patients in labor and delivery are required to wear a mask. In addition, all staff and support persons are required to wear a mask at all times.

Mothers will be tested upon admission. Patients and their support person must remain in their room throughout their stay. We strongly encourage you to have your infant stay with you as well however you can work with the nursing staff for other arrangements if needed.

Many of our offices have converted routine visits to phone or video to allow you to remain safely at home.

We strongly encourage that you continue social distancing and safe practices at home. Only members of the family, living in the home, should be near your baby.  If anyone begins to show symptoms, we encourage you stop all contact and have them call their provider. 

At this time, all in-person Maternity classes and hospital tours are on hold due to the Coronavirus (COVID-19). We encourage you to take advantage of the online options as well as view the photo gallery to help ease your mind before you arrive.

You will arrive at the hospital lobby and be directed to maternity triage on the 3rd floor.

Per NYS guidelines, your doula is allowed once you are admitted and in labor. They will be screened for COVID-19 before entering and will be required to wear all mandated protective equipment. They may also be asked to provide proof of their doula status. Your doula is in addition to one support person.

Changes At The Family Maternity Center During COVID-19