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UR Medicine Community Physician Education

Each year, URMC’s Office for Continuing Medical Education works with our Affiliate CMOs to understand the educational needs of the medical staff. That content is grouped by subject area below, with past content accessible at the bottom. Content is generally available as a webinar recording, unless a specific date and time is listed. We welcome your input by clicking on the educational needs survey to the right. Most content is available for free to our employed medical staff and at a nominal charge of $15/CME credit to other medical staff.

Behavioral Health
Several 20 minute modules on various aspects of mental health & substance use screening, diagnosis, and treatment in partnership with providers across the continuum of care.

Behavioral Health Integration Symposium Recorded Modules
Treatment on Demand and the Ecosystem of Recovery: Helping Patients and Communities Recover from the Opioid Crisis (Eight modules – 60 minutes each)

Self-study module focusing on lung cancer screening criteria, understanding screening results and treatment approaches. The activity will also include strategies for long term lung cancer management by primary care and oncology providers.

Several modules ranging from 30-75 minutes covering important topics in geriatric education such as geriatric assessment, geriatric pharmacotherapy and the 3D’s (depression, dementia and delirium).

Heart Disease
Recorded lecture focusing on how to reduce hospitalization from congestive heart failure and the management of end-stage congestive heart failure.

Highland Hospital Primary Grand Rounds

Hospital Medicine
Monthly case conferences focusing on enhancing knowledge about how to treat hospitalized  patients and managing chronic diseases prevalent in a rural community hospital environment, by using both local and system resources. The conferences also aim to enhance knowledge and performance on quality of care measurements.

Respiratory Disease (including COVID)
Recorded module focusing on new medications and when to use them, management of end-stage chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) and when to refer for pulmonary function testing.

Taking Action Summit
The educational modules are recorded presentations from the 2022 Taking Action National Rural Substance Use Disorder Health Equity and Stigma Summit.

Past Content Areas
Multiple educational modules focusing on concussion management, diabetes, neurology and patient safety and clinician wellbeing.