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Taking Action Summit

Taking Action National Rural Substance Use Disorder Health Equity and Stigma Summit Modules

Reminder: Please complete the evaluation at the end of each module in order to trigger the issuance of your CME credit. CME transcripts are available through the CEL office.

The educational modules listed below are recorded presentations from the 2022 Taking Action National Rural Substance Use Disorder Health Equity and Stigma Summit. All modules are enduring material (self-study) activities and include an evaluation and CE certificate immediately following completion of the activity. Click each link to view the learning objectives, course details and register for the activity.

Families Impacted by Addiction—Meeting Them Where They’re At
Alexis Pleus

Racial Health Equity in Rural Addiction Treatment
Myra L. Mathis, MD

Addressing the Stigma of Substance Use Disorders
Lisham Ashrafioun, PhD

Health Disparities That Perpetuate in American Indian/Alaska Native Communities
Dean S. Seneca, MPH, MCURP

Stigma and Bias in the Treatment of Substance Use Disorders
Peter R. Jackson, MD

Bridging the Gap: Utilizing Peer Support Services Every Step of the Way
Yara M. Castro, BS

The ROADSS Model: Removing Barriers on the Road to Recovery
Patrick Seche, MS, CASAC

Trickster Tails: Cultural Considerations in SUD Care
Danica Love Brown, CAC III, MSW, PhD

Well-Intended Stereotypes and My Role in the Recovery Movement
Kelly Quinn, CRPA-F, RCP

Poverty and Inequality in Appalachia
Cynthia M. Duncan, PhD

Challenges to Rural Behavioral Health Service Providers
Robert A. Ross

Peer Recovery and Lived Experience
Gina Brockway, CRPA

Information Messages to Reduce SUD Stigma and Increase Recovery Housing Support
Madison Ashworth, MS and Robin Thompson, DrPH, MPH

Wearing Two Hats: Being an Addiction Professional and Being a Person in Recovery
Charles W. Morgan, MD, DFASAM, FAAFP

Postoperative Narcotic Prescribing
Jacob Moalem, MD, FACS