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Behavioral Health

Reminder: Please complete the evaluation at the end of each module in order to trigger the issuance of your CME credit. CME transcripts are updated quarterly and are available through the CEL office.

Prior to starting this education series please complete the following pre-test survey: 

Treatment of Opioid Use Disorder in Primary Care: Overview of Substance Use Disorder
Holly Russell, MD, MS & Michele Lawrence, MBA, MPH
This 30 minute module provides an introduction to several SUD topics including efficacy of treatment options, overview of the local and regional treatment system, role of primary care, and effective patient engagement strategies.

Patrick Seche, MS
This 20 minute module provides an introduction to evidence-based screening tools utilizing SBIRT, as well as education on how to build successful partnerships between primary care providers and SUD/MH treatment providers.

Pregnancy & Reproductive Care for Patients with SUD
Neil Seligman, MD & Cassie Leonard, MD
This module provides participants with a discussion of treatment options for pregnant patients with a history of OUD, pregnancy outcomes for patients with OUD, reproductive care for patients with OUD, and educate on neonatal abstinence syndrome (NAS).

Synthetic Opioids: Navigating a Changing Landscape in the Treatment of Opioid Use Disorder
Jade Malcho, MD
This 30-minute module will focus on primary care providers navigating the changing landscape of opioid use disorder in relation to synthetic opioids. The module discusses synthetic overdose in relation to fentanyl and fentanyl analogs, as well as the dangers of xylazine. The module discusses treatment recommendations for patients who use synthetic opioids and overdose prevention strategies.

Integrating SUD Treatment into a Primary Care Practice
Holly Russell, MD
This session will provide a review of substance use disorder (SUD) as a chronic disease, discuss integrating SUD treatment into PCPs, review the barriers to treatment, and discuss myths versus reality of treating individuals with an SUD.

Practical Applications for Integrating SUD Treatment into Primary Care
Holly Russell, MD
This module will review how to apply what you learned in Integrating SUD Treatment in a PCP into practice. The session will review the use of note templates, scheduling patients with SUD, introduction to Behavioral Health Care Managers, and a brief review of managing return to use.

Stimulants: The Next Wave of SUD
Gloria Baciewicz, MD
This 20 minute module will address the growing stimulant use disorder crisis in the United States. It will also focus on methamphetamine and cocaine overdoses, educate on evidence-based screening tools, and discuss the treatment options for stimulant use disorder.

SUD and the Growing Hepatitis C Epidemic
Eve Andersen-Buescher, MSN, PMHNP-BC & Kathleen Davis, NP
This session will provide insight into the growing HCV epidemic and its implications for rural communities. The module will also discuss the treatment options for individuals with HCV in the primary care setting, as well as, prevention strategies for individuals who are currently using drugs.

Treatment of OUD in Primary Care: Alcohol Use Disorder
Gloria Baciewicz, MD
In this 20 minute module Gloria Baciewicz, MD, provides a historical overview, discusses the prevalence of alcohol use disorder in rural and urban areas, and reviews best practices for screening and treatment. Participants learn about levels of concern, the impact of COVID-19 on alcohol use, and levels of care. The module addresses barriers that are common in rural communities and ways of overcoming them.

After completing all modules in this education series please complete the following post-test survey: