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URMC / Labs / Altman Lab / Lab Members


Lab Members

Principal Investigator

Brian Altman
Research Interest:

Role of Circadian Rhythm in in gene regulation and cancer cell biology and metabolism. 

Postdoctoral Scholars

Juliana Cazarin de Menezes
Juliana Cazarin de Menezes, PhD
Postdoctoral Associate
Research Interest:

Understanding the role of MYC-driven circadian disruption in lung cancer cell transformation

Graduate Students

Jamie Burchett
Research Interest:

Understanding the role of the REV-ERB proteins in MYC-driven circadian disruption and cancer. 

Amelia Clark
Research Interest:

Modulation of the cell-autonomous molecular clock by metabolic stress, and its role in the anti-tumor immune response. 

Research Assistants

Daniel Mwangi
Daniel Mwangi
Undergraduate, University of Rochester
Research Interest:

Connections between circadian rhythms and metabolic stress in macrophages and cancer cells

Past Lab Members

  • Siti Noor Ain Binti Ahmad Shahidan - Laboratory Technician
  • Rachel DeRollo - Laboratory Technician
  • Kristina Morris - Laboratory Technician