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PSY 570 - Clinical Assessment I: Psychometrics

Fall Semester, 3 Cr.; Course Instructor

Course Description: The purpose of this course is to develop an understanding of psychometric theory and its application to assessment. The course will focus on the following issues: Assessment theory, types of tests, test construction and standardization, reliability, validity, test fairness, and ethical and social considerations in testing. Students will learn the psychometric characteristics of a variety of widely used assessment instruments, and will acquire skills in the administration, scoring, and interpretation of these instruments.

PSY 381 - Seminar in Neurodevelopmental Disabilities

Spring semester, 4 credits; Course instructor

Course Description: This course provides an introduction to the unique characteristics and challenges of individuals with developmental disabilities across the lifespan. We address etiologies, identification, intervention, education, and supports of children and adults with developmental disabilities, including intellectual disability, autism spectrum disorder, and others. Historical perspectives and societal issues will be discussed along with current research and practice. The class format includes both lecture and discussion.

PSY 351/352 - Research in Developmental Neuropsychology

Fall/Spring Semester, 4 Cr.; Course Instructor

Course Description: This course provides guided, direct research experiences in developmental neuropsychology, with a particular focus on autism and other developmental disabilities.