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Buckley Lab

Viscoelasticity in Connective Tissues

Mechanics plays a key role in the onset, progression and treatment of several diseases that affect cartilage, tendon, cornea, sclera and other connective tissues. The Buckley lab is interested in evaluating pathology-associated mechanical changes in these tissues and using our findings to develop novel diagnostic tools and therapeutic strategies. We characterize the viscoelastic (i.e., rate- and time-dependent) mechanical response of connective tissues in vivo and in viable explants across multiple length scales using image-guided mechanical testing methods. Our current focus is on diseases of the musculoskeletal system (e.g., osteoarthritis and tendinopathy) and diseases of the eye (e.g., keratoconus and glaucoma) with significant public health impacts.

Mark R. Buckley

Mark R. Buckley

Principal Investigator


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