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MAPS High-throughput Technology

The Multifunctional Approach to Pharmacologic Screening (MAPS) is a high-throughput pharmacologic screening technique used by the Harris Lab to study vulnerabilities in cancer cells. This platform enables users to quickly and easily determine the cellular response to perturbations of hundreds of molecular pathways. The MAPS compound library is comprised of more than 500 inhibitors of cancer-related proteins as well as lesser studied metabolic enzymes. In contrast to traditional screening approaches, the MAPS library contain compounds arrayed across 10 dilution points, allowing for a robust understanding of the differential drug sensitivities. MAPS uses an image-based readout to determine drug sensitivities where cell nuclei are identified and counted. This technology has been used this powerful tool in >30 projects in collaboration with >15 different labs across the USA. These libraries have been shared openly with the research community and are available at the Harvard Medical School screening facility (;

MAPS schematic

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