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Water-Fat Imaging

We developed fast interleaved water/fat (IWF) imaging sequences based on spectral-spatial excitation to acquire water-only and fat-only images in a single acquisition time, and to combine the water and fat images to produce chemical-shift-free images. These sequences save half of the imaging time over the conventional separate fat-suppressed and non-fat-suppressed scans. In addition, with the chemical shift corrected, the shadow artifacts often seen at water and fat boundaries are removed. Moreover, the water-only images provide better fat signal suppression than the conventional fat-saturation technique. These sequences have been used for musculoskeletal and body imaging.

Water-Fat Imaging

Figure A. Pulse Sequence Diagram.

A pulse sequence diagram for the IWF gradient echo (GRE) sequence is shown in (a). In the wrist images, the IWF water (b) and fat (c) images demonstrate good water and fat separation. The IWF water+fat image (d) removes chemical shift artifacts (arrows) that may obscure diagnosis in the conventional GRE image (e). In the pelvis images, the IWF water image (f) shows better fat signal suppression in the peripheral fat regions than the fat-saturated GRE image (g).

Water-Fat Imaging

Figure B. IWF Water Image.

Water-Fat Imaging

Figure C. IWF Fat Image.

Selected Publications/Presentations

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  • Kwok WE, Totterman SMS, Zhong J. Three-dimensional Interleaved Water and Fat Image Acquisition with Chemical-shift Correction. Magn Reson Med 2000; 44:322-330.

Other Research Work / Collaborations

  • Hornak JP, Yuan H, Kennedy SD, Kwok E. A Selectable Diffusion Coefficient Phantom based on Restricted Diffusion. In: Proceedings of ISMRM 19th Scientific Meeting and Exhibition, Montreal, Canada 2011, p3976.
  • Schwarz E, Wolenski M, Turner A, Reinholds D, Kwok E, et al. A Rabbit Model of Meniscal Injury and Healing Using dGEMRIC Imaging to Assess Repair. In: Proceedings of 55th Annual Meeting of the Orthopaedic Research Society, Las Vegas, Nevada, 2009, Poster 1197.
  • Lancianese SL, Kwok E, Beck CA, Lerner AL. Predicting Regional Variations in Trabecular Bone Mechanical Properties within the Human Proximal Tibia using MR Imaging. BONE 2008;43(6):1039-1046.
  • Yamamoto A, Sano T, Otonari-Yamamoto M, Nishikawa, K, Kwok E. A potential reference point for assessment of condylar bone marrow of the temporomandibular joint on proton density weighted images. The Journal of Craniomandibular Practice 2008;26(4): 246-252.
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