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High Resolution MRI

High Resolution MRIUsing special RF coils and pulse sequences that we developed, we have been conducting high-resolution MRI on human and small animals. Our research projects include technical developments to improve the diagnosis of arthritic diseases as well as to evaluate drug treatment for those diseases. We have been collaborating with Orthopedic, Rheumatology and Biomedical Engineering Departments on the arthritis studies.

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RF Coil Development

RF Coil DevelopmentWe have been developing specially designed RF coils for both research and clinical applications at 1.5T and 3T. Through new coil design concepts and optimal design for each individual application, these coils improve image signal-to-noise ratio (SNR), and thereby increase image resolution and reduce scan time.

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Water-Fat Imaging

Water-Fat ImagingWe developed fast interleaved water/fat (IWF) imaging sequences based on spectral-spatial excitation to acquire water-only and fat-only images in a single acquisition time, and to combine the water and fat images to produce chemical-shift-free images. These sequences save half of the imaging time over the conventional separate fat-suppressed and non-fat-suppressed scans.

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