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The poster session will highlight the science carried out by graduate students and postdoctoral fellows.  Applicants are encouraged to submit abstracts on all aspects of immunity that address spatial localization, homing, cell:cell interactions, tissue structure, host-pathogen interactions.  New developments in tissue or immune visualization are encouraged at all levels including, but not limited to, multiphoton microscopy, confocal microscopy, EM, optogenetics and novel computational approaches to analysis of imaging data.

Monetary awards will be presented at the end of the symposium for the best poster presentations.

Poster Set-up

  • Poster size 40” high by 60” wide
  • All posters must have an abstract for inclusion in the Conference Program
  • Poster presenter’s name must be underlined

Abstract Guidelines

All abstracts must be submitted electronically as a single PDF.

Abstracts must be formatted as below:

  • Page Set-up: 1” left and right margins
  • Title: Centered and bolded text on first line of page, followed by one blank line.
  • Authors: List all (John Smith, Mary Jones and Michael Doe). Centered on page. The name of the person presenting the poster should be underlined. No blank line following.
  • Institution(s): List all with Department and University affiliation, e.g., Department of Microbiology and Immunology, University of Rochester, Rochester NY. Follow with two blank lines.
  • Body of text: Indent for each paragraph, no blank lines between paragraphs; unjustified text; single line spacing. Limited to 400 words (additional text will be deleted).
  • Font: Use only Times New Roman 12-point font. To ensure meaning, please follow symbol with its corresponding word in parentheses (i.e., alpha, beta, etc.).

Abstract Submission

Abstract submission is now closed.