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Photo Contest Selections

General Information

Send us your most creative scientific works of art and be entered into a "peoples choice" award for best image.

Please submit a single file in PDF format which includes a brief (400 character max) description of your work and a photo (4"x6" high resolution) that you would like for the contest.

Only a single entry will be accepted per individual.

Submitted Photos

Dahal Image
This image shows neutrophils actively swarming and infiltrating a pancreatic cancer tumoroid. Green cells are neutrophils derived from tumor bearing mice while red cells are neutrophils derived from na├»ve mice. Yellow depicts the proximal overlap between the two neutrophil types
Bala Image
Psychedelic Immunity
Caillier Image
3D visualization of a T cell hybridoma migrating between two polyacrylamide gel. The top row is the top view and the bottom row is the bottom view of the cell. Going from left to right is five different time point, each of which are separated by 3.5 min. The bump observed under the cell and slowing appearing on the top of the cell are focal adhesions that are forming as the cell migrates
Oleksyn Image
MHC Class2 Expressing Langerhans Cells
H2-Eb1-Ametrine Expressing Mouse
Katzman Image
Periodic acid Schiff stain (with diastase pretreatment) of a rhabdoid tumor
Hong Image
Deep 3D imaging (1 mm thick) of CAR-T cell accumulation in a cleared mouse lung 72 h after i.v. injection (red; blood vessels [CD31], green; CAR-T cells [GFP])
Stephenson Image
Leddon/Fowell Image
McGurk Image