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Lab Members


Yurong Gao
Research Assistant Professor
MC 4.7578
Phone: (585) 276-4827
Email Yurong
Research Interest: Develop new multiphoton imaging capacities and image analysis tools for various experiment settings
Kihong Lim
Research Assistant Professor
Phone: (585) 273-1435
Email Kihong
Research Interest: Innate immunity in influenza infection, Regulation of immune responses via trail formation

Research Staff

David Azzara
David Azzara
Laboratory Technician IV
Stefanie Fingler
Stefanie Fingler
Research Program Manager
Phone: (585) 275-9297
Kris Lambert Emo
Kris Lambert Emo
Technical Associate II
KMRB 3-9852
Phone: (585) 273-1408
Research Interest: We propose to develop primary mouse airway epithelial cell organoids. These will be infused with activated and memory CD8 OT-I T cells as an in vitro model of the airways to study motility. Organoids offer several advantages such as the ability to use genetically engineered epithelial cells as well as Tcells, they are optically transparent, and we seek to gather higher resolution imaging and fine measurements of T cell/EC cell behaviors related to motility that are difficult or impossible to obtain in vivo.
Erin Lee
Erin Lee
Administrator I
Phone: (585) 273-1400
David Oleksyn
David Oleksyn
Technical Associate I
Emma Reilly
Emma Reilly, Ph.D.
Staff Scientist
Research Interest: Defining the protective memory CD8 T cell population(s) that are resident within pulmonary tissue after resolution of influenza virus infection. Some components of this work extend to understanding the contribution of integrins CD49a and CD103 in micropositioning the cells within different tissue niches and the unique effector programs that these memory cells utilize to crosstalk with other immune populations and ultimately eliminate pathogens.

Graduate Students

Ashwin Kumar
Research Interest: Biological factors and genetic programs that drive differentiation and maintenance of Lung CD8+ Tissue Resident Memory cells