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Lab Members

Principal Investigators

Deborah Fowell
Deborah Fowell, Ph.D.
KMRB 3-9641
Phone: (585) 273-3680
Email Deborah
Research Interest: Differentiation of CD4 T lymphocytes in infectious and autoimmune disease
Minsoo Kim
Minsoo Kim, Ph.D.
Phone: (585) 276-3917
Email Minsoo
Research Interest: Innate and adaptive immune responses and cancer immunotherapy
Jim Miller
Jim Miller, Ph.D.
KMRB 3-9649
Phone: (585) 275-9698
Email Jim
Research Interest: Molecular and cellular events that regulate T cell signaling and activation
David Topham
David Topham, Ph.D.
KMRB 3-9631
Phone: (585) 273-1403
Email David
Research Interest: Multiple roles of virus-specific Band T cells in determining the outcome of viral infection of the respiratory tract. Long term protective effect of immunological mechanisms.


Yurong Gao
Yurong Gao, Ph.D.
Research Assistant Professor
MC 4.7578
Phone: (585) 276-4827
Email Yurong
Research Interest: Develop new multiphoton imaging capacities and image analysis tools for various experiment settings

Postdoctoral Scholars

Hen Prizant
Hen Prizant, Ph.D.
Postdoctoral Fellow
Research Interest: Interaction between pathogen and effector T cells in infected tissue

Research Staff

Valeria Alberti
Valeria Alberti
Laboratory Technician IV
David Azzara
David Azzara
Laboratory Technician IV
Stefanie Fingler
Stefanie Fingler
Research Program Manager
Phone: (585) 275-9297
Angie Hughson
Angie Hughson
Technical Associate Sr.
KMRB 3-9892
Phone: (585) 273-2902
Kris Lambert Emo
Kris Lambert Emo
Technical Associate II
KMRB 3-9852
Phone: (585) 273-1408
Erin Lee
Erin Lee
Administrator I
Phone: (585) 273-1400
David Oleksyn
David Oleksyn
Technical Associate I
Emma Reilly
Emma Reilly, Ph.D.
Staff Scientist