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Lab Members

Principal Investigator

Juilee ThakarJuilee Thakar, Ph.D.
KMRB 3-9611
Phone: (585) 276-6925

Identification of immune signatures and characterization of dynamics of immune responses by using systems biology approaches.

Graduate Students

Lauren BenoodtLauren Benoodt
Graduate Student

Development of Computational Algorithms for Curation, Inference, and Analysis of Viral Responsive Gene-sets

Adam CornwellAdam Cornwell
Graduate Student

Rohith PalliRohith Palli
Graduate Student

Ensemble Boolean Networks for Pathway Analysis of Omic Data

Yun ZhangYun Zhang
Graduate student

Methods to understand cooperation between molecular processes/ signaling pathways

Undergraduate Research Students

Rakin ChoudharyRakin Choudhary
Undergraduate Student