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Lab Members

Principal Investigator

Juilee Thakar
Juilee Thakar, Ph.D.
KMRB 3-9611
Phone: (585) 276-6925
Email Juilee
Research Interest: Systems approach utilizing bioinformatics, and dynamic modeling tools to study immune response to infections and vaccination.

Graduate Students

Lauren Benoodt
Research Interest: Extending Pathways for Mechanistic Predictions from Large Scale Data
Adam Cornwell
Research Interest: Leveraging genetic tools in model systems alongside computational tools to explore mechanisms of aging, toward understanding how we might promote healthier aging in humans.
Raven Osborn
Research Interest: High-throughput approach to profiling the differences in antigen presentation between young and older adults to define drug repurposing targets for improving vaccine efficacy.
Mukta Palshikar
Research Interest: Executable models of pathways built using single-cell RNA-seq data reveal atherosclerosis-associated signaling dysregulations

Research Assistants

Alex Crystal
Alex Crystal
Undergraduate student in Data Science
Research Interest: Discrete-state modeling and data integration
Xiaojun Min
Xiaojun (Kathy) Min
Undergraduate student in Computer Science
Research Interest: Data integration and network inference