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Digital Pathology System & Biorepository Program

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Biorepository of Clinical Samples

The Center is home to an invaluable biorepository of numerous tumor specimens from different origins.  Many of these clinical samples have been treated with various standard of care treatments or novel therapeutics.  This vast resource of biobanked human cancers helps our investigators guide their clinical research and provides a means to translate findings faster into the clinic.

Please contact the director, Dr. Peter Prieto, with any questions.

Digital Pathology System

The Center provides members access to a state-of-the-art histology core. In addition to equipment and reagents necessary for embedding, sectioning, and staining of tissue samples, it is the home to an Aperio Digital Histology System equipped for 7-color fluorescence imaging, high resolution whole slide scanning, and advanced quantitative image analysis programs. The core is staffed by a licensed histologist with expertise in a magnitude of techniques.

For questions please contact:

Brian Belt, Director
Mary Georger, Histologist