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Frederic J. Hofschneider, D.D.S.

In 1926 a local dentist invented a device to reduce the pain that is caused by tooth drilling. Dr. Frederic J. Hofschneider's Automatic Dental Lubricator was very successful. Additional dental patents followed and lead to the creation of the Hofschneider Corporation, in Rochester, New York. This collection portrays Hofschneider's professional and personal developments and illustrates life in the early 1900's.

Frederic J. Hofschneider, DDS 1913
Photo of Hofschneider from 1913

Frederic J. Hofschneider, DDS 1944
Photo of Hofschneider from 1944

Partial drawing of the Hofschneider Automatic Dental Lubricator, patented in 1923.
Dental lubricator drawing by Hofschneider

Dr. Hofschneider was an avid fisherman and also invented fishing lures. He is most famous for his "Red-Eye Wiggler" lure.
Hofschneider standing with friends and fishing lures

Signed photograph of Dr. Hofschneider,taken in 1914 while he was a student in the Dental Department at the University of Buffalo.
Signed portrait of Hofschneider

Hofschneider with patient, 1923.
Hofschneider working on a patient

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