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The University of Rochester Libraries is excited to announce the transition to DiscoverUR. This is a new, more powerful software that better supports the search for and discovery of library materials. This search might be familiar to you as "Articles, Books, and More.” or the library search box on our homepage. 

Why is this happening?

This service is being upgraded to a more robust technical platform. The decision to upgrade was made by University of Rochester libraries staff, and is in support of our ongoing commitment to continuously improve and deliver the best possible search and discovery experience for users.

 When it takes effect?

On July 12th DiscoverUR will be introduced to the University of Rochester community. You may experience brief downtime as we make this transistion, but will be share any updates on this page and over our social media accounts. 

 What to expect?

Most people won't notice too much difference in the search and discovery interface. You may notice faster response time, more relevant search results, and additional materials pertinent to your research presented in your search results.  

 What does this mean for me?

In the coming months, any links that you currently may have book marked or embedded into Blackboard and other teaching tools will no longer work. Links will need to be generated using our new and upgraded tool. You can use the permalink generator to create new links to any books, articles, or resources that you would like to link to. We will be providing guidance on where to locate new links and continue to communicate milestones and dates for when all links would need to be changed by. 

How to Find Out More/Ask Questions?

Please be sure to check this page for updates as the project progresses through the summer and fall of 2021. You may also contact Miner Library. User feedback and training opportunities will be coming soon! The Libraries staff are here to help students and faculty this summer as the new search and discovery service is released.