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Stem Cell Biology

These lessons were developed with funding from Science Education Partnership Award R25RR023285 from the NIH National Center for Research Resources.

Stem Cell Biology (Short Version)

Students use active reading strategies to learn about adult and embryonic stem cells. They use simulated growth factors and stem cells to produce differentiated cells that could be used to treat diseases.

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Stem Cell Biology (Extended Version)

A series of activities to introduce students to basic concepts and issues associated with stem cell biology and research. Includes surveys, slide show, models, simulated gene expression studies and cell differentiation techniques. Students also consider ethical issues related to a clinical trial to test a stem cell treatment.

Stem Cell Biology: The Adventures of Cryptic Ron

Join Cryptic Ron to take a whimsical and engaging approach to learning stem cell biology. Activities include plant tissue culture, simulated DNA fingerprinting, using simulated growth factors to direct stem cell differentiation, and gene expression studies. Includes videos and a slide show.