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LSLC Lessons

The Life Sciences Learning Center has developed a wide variety of ready-to-use lessons, all available for free! Most of our lessons were created with grant funding from the National Institutes of Health (NIH). All LSLC lessons have been rigorously field tested with teachers and students from throughout the US.

Resources for each lesson include:

  • A teacher guide with detailed information on how to prepare for the lesson 
  • Student instructions and handouts

Browse by lesson topic:

AIDS Vaccine

Big Data and Health Science

Biology of Drug Abuse and Addiction

Cancer Biology

Cholera: A Medical Mystery of Epidemic Proportions

COVID-19 Vaccines

Environmental Health

Family Secrets: Genetic Testing and Bioethics

Kidney Crisis

Medicines and Me

Nanoparticles: Benefits and Health Risks


One Health

Stem Cell Biology

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AIDS Vaccine Case Study

Antioxida​nts and Cancer

As the Scale Tips: Phthalates and Reproductive Health

Asthma in the City

Autism, A Pervasive Dilemma


Big Data and Health Science

Bioassay Investigation with Daphnia

The Brain and Drugs

Brain Development and Toxins


Caffeine and Neural Fatigue

Cancer Treatments

Cancer Trends: A DBQ

Cancer Truth or Cancer Myth Survey

The Cell Cycle and Cancer

Chemistry of Alcohol

Coping With Cancer

Cough, Cough, Wheeze, Wheeze:  Mold and Asthma

COVID-19 Vaccines


Dangers Seen and Unseen: Water and Environmental Health

Diagnosing Diabetes

Disease Detectives

DNA Microarrays (Gene Chips) and Cancer

Drugs and Development


Effects of Environmental Lead Poisoning on Human Health

Effects of Prenatal Drug Exposure—Long-Term Studies

Environmental Health Concerns: From Problem to Public Policy


Family Secrets

Fear: Body Alert


Genetic Testing for Huntington's Disease


Hand on a Hot Stove

Home Sweet Home: The Mysterious Death of Janette Williams—Hazardous Household Chemicals

Human Papillomavirus (HPV) and Cancer


"I" Can't Hear You:  Noise Pollution

Introduction to Toxicology

Is Floratryp Addicting?

It's Organic, How Can That be a Problem? Organic Solvents and Human Health


Just a Bang to the Head


Kidney Dialysis

Kidney Donor

A Kidney Problem?

Kidney Rejection

Killing Killer Rain: Acid Rain and Environmental Health


Lab Activities to Accompany Killing Killer Rain

Living Downstream: Potable Water and Human Health

Long-Term Effects of Drug Addiction


Making the Tools of the Trade

Male vs Female Brain

A Medical Mystery of Epidemic Proportions (Extended Version)

A Medical Mystery of Epidemic Proportions (Short Version)

Medicines and Me

Metastasis and Homeostasis

Modeling Effects of Drugs on Neuron Communication


Nano Benefits

Nano Ecology

Nano Particles

Nano Risks

Nano Scale

Nanoproducts: Benefits and Risks


Nerve Cell Communication


Oh Say Can You See CO?


Radon: A Dangerous Link in the Decay Series of Uranium

Reading for Evidence: Cancer Understandings


The Right To Choose: A Cancer Case Study


Sleep: A Waste of Time or a Necessity of Life?

Stem Cell Biology: Adventures of Cryptic Ron

Stem Cell Biology (Extended Version)

Stem Cell Biology (Short Version)

Stem Cells and Cancer


Taste Blind

Thalidomide: A Cancer Treatment

"Tox In" the City: Introducing Environmental Health Services


Understanding Cancer: National Cancer Institute Tutorial


Well, What Will We Drink? Water Testing and Safety

What Patients Need to Know About Cancer

Winning the Waiting Game


Your World: Fighting Cancer with Biotechnology